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The very famous french Journal « La Tribune », an economic and finance media, wrote a piece about us. Here is the link for the french version :


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Vauban Infrastructure Partners launches InfraVision: a Think Tank to revolutionize infrastructure.

Vauban Infrastructure Partners recently announced the launch of InfraVision, a Think Tank with the ambition of reflecting on all the issues that will impact infrastructures in the future: usage, efficiency, obsolescence, decarbonization, acceptability, and facilitating the promotion of best practices for the sector. Based in Paris and operating internationally, this entity is positioned as a platform for research, dialogue, and innovation around this asset class. 

In recent years, Vauban Infrastructure Partners (“Vauban IP”) has established itself as a thought leader in the infrastructure ecosystem. Specializing in investments in infrastructure assets, the company has already explored several research themes: digitalization, climate strategy, social license to operate and the circular economy. Working alongside Altermind and other experts, Vauban IP has demonstrated the importance of involving all stakeholders in transforming and creating “sustainable” infrastructures.

InfraVision’s DNA: leadership and knowledge sharing

Overseen by a strategic committee of high-level experts and public figures, InfraVision is built on two pillars: leadership and knowledge sharing. The initiative aims to anticipate future infrastructure needs by analysing the impact of long-term trends such as demographics, technological advances, global warming, and social exclusion. “InfraVision serves as a laboratory of ideas, leading us towards a world where infrastructure not only supports, but enhances the lives of all,” says Gwenola Chambon, Managing Director and co-founder of Vauban IP. The aim is to position this asset class as a key element in building tomorrow’s world. “We want to highlight the essential role of sustainable infrastructure in tomorrow’s society, promoting inclusion, circularity and resilience,” adds the executive.

An inclusive, collaborative approach

Open to all infrastructure players, InfraVision stands out for its collaborative approach. The Think Tank brings together industrials, public authorities, regulators, investors, academics and asset managers. “Breaking down silos and bringing different stakeholders together is crucial to ensure that the whole ecosystem is aligned with these objectives,” explains Gwen Colin, ESG Director and Partner at Vauban IP. 

With that in mind, InfraVision organizes various events throughout the year to encourage dialogue and innovation: panels, podcasts, participative workshops, etc. « We receive more and more requests to participate in our research work. Everything is ‘open source’: it’s very important to open research to as many people as possible. The aim is to find solutions together to establish a collaborative approach.These events will mobilize a wide range of experts with academic knowledge and industrial skills.

Infrastructure & inequalities: the theme for 2024

In 2023, the focus was on circularity, with reflections on the supply chain, energy sobriety, the use of materials and biodiversity. This year, InfraVision’s work focuses on the relationship between infrastructure and social inequality, highlighting the most effective levers for moving towards a world of “inclusive infrastructures”. “We’re investing over 25 years with a very industrial vision, in line with today’s challenges” says Gwen Colin. In addition to pricing issues, a variety of topics are addressed, such as the role of “regulation” in changing behaviour, and the challenge of urban areas where inequality is most concentrated. Case studies are also presented, such as the Dutch strategy for deploying charging stations for electric vehicles, which aims to integrate as many people as possible living in the poorest neighbourhoods.

The various events will conclude on June 17 with a speech by Esther Duflo as part of the annual event bringing together Vauban IP and the CEOs of its asset portfolio.

An analysis report will then be drawn up and presented on November the 6th at the Paris Infraweek. “Drawing up a summary document and presenting our results will enable us to share our progress with a wider audience,” says Gwen Colin. The event will bring together high-level players, including public figures, members of the European Commission and leading industry executives.

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