InfraVision Think Tank


We believe a strong collaboration among infrastructure stakeholders is vital for creating a sustainable society.

Over the past four years, Vauban Infrastructure Partners has collaborated with the academic-driven consultancy firm Altermind to enhance its ‘thought leadership’ strategy and produce a series of reports. These reports were accompanied by several workshops with the participation of leading infrastructure stakeholders including asset operators, investors, experts, start-ups, policymakers, and others. InfraVision aims to extend the reach of our research & discussions to a wider audience, to build strong positions on forward-looking and hot topics related to infrastructure.

A dynamic platform for research, dialogue and innovation.

At its core, InfraVision rests on two pillars: thought leadership and knowledge sharing. It will focus on anticipating future infrastructure needs by analyzing the impact of the biggest changes in the world economy, such as demographic shifts, technological advancements, and environmental and social challenges, with the support of the whole infrastructure ecosystem.


Infravision’s DNA relies on knowledge sharing and thought leadership in sustainable infrastructure-related matters.


InfraVision aims to position the infrastructure asset class as a block of the society of tomorrow


The platform is open to all the infrastructure sector stakeholders


InfraVision operates as an international organization based in Paris.

Strategic committee

Eminent public figures and experts

They will chart the course of InfraVision’s roadmap over the next three years.

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