Vauban IP launches infra-focused think tank


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Date : 22/03/2024

Vauban IP launches infra-focused think tank

By Antonio Fabrizio
22 Mar 2024
17:00 CEST

Vauban Infrastructure Partners has launched an infrastructure finance think tank aimed at promoting discussion between stakeholders as well as legislative measures.

Paris-based InfraVision aims to foster dialogue between investors, regulators, policy makers and academic experts, and its strategic committee counts among its nine members former French ambassador Gerard Araud, former Spanish minister of foreign affairs Arancha Gonzalez and former EC commissioner Connie

The think tank will seek to anticipate future infrastructure needs by analyzing the impact of the biggest changes in the world economy, such as demographic shifts, technological advancements, and nvironmental and social challenges, Vauban’s founder and CEO Gwenola Chambon told Infralogic.

This year’s topic will be around “inclusive infrastructure” with the support of consulting firm Altermind, Chambon said. It will revolve around the increasing disparities in access to infrastructure across the world and how the industry can do something about it, she said.

Chabon said that the decision to create a think tank follows Vauban’s recent experience of promoting discussions around issues including the impact of digitalization on infrastructure, climate change and circular economy.

As well publishing an annual report, the think tank will also seek to influence new government legislation and policies.

This year’s plan includes three workshops with podcasts and the production of a report that will be presented at the Paris Infraweek infrastructure conference next October.

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Vauban IP launches infra-focused think tank

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