Infravision's 2024 topic : Inclusive infrastructure

2024 annual topic

InfraVision’s work will revolve around one infrastructure-related theme each year.

In 2024, the Think Tank will investigate the multifaceted relationship between inequalities and the development of infrastructure and discuss strategies to evolve towards more ‘inclusive infrastructure’. The research will address questions such as :

Why can building more inclusive infrastructure help address the short -and long- term challenges of our time beyond social disparities, including decarbonization and economic growth?

What are the main barriers to access essential infrastructure, and how does the public perceive them?

What policy recommendations linked to urban planning and governance can help build more inclusive cities?

To what extent can business, regulatory and investment strategies help tackle the risk of accumulating inequalities and the vicious circle they foster in terms of infrastructure access ?

Paris Infraweek the 6th of November 2024

We will be organizing a series of workshops to gather information on inclusive infrastructures.

These workshops will take the form of masterclasses, panels, and podcasts that will bring together high-level experts, infrastructure operators, investors, NGO representatives, public figures, start-ups and more. These workshops will contribute to the creation of a long-form report, which will be presented during InfraVision’s annual conference during Paris InfraWeek in November 2024.





2024 Workshop #2 on inclusive infrastructure

Breakfast panel



8:30 AM – 10:30 AM | LIVE EVENT

We are organizing on May 14th a “breakfast-panel” to discuss how regulatory frameworks, innovative business models and incentivization strategies can help enhance the transition towards more ‘inclusive Infrastructure’.

This panel will take place in our amphitheater in Paris, from 8.30 to 10.30am,


Elisabeth Kotthaus

Head of Unit for Social Affairs, Passenger Rights & Equal Opportunities, DG-MOVE at the European Commission

Nicolas Pinaud
Deputy Director of the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs of the OECD

Sara Ellison
Professor of economics at MIT

An three C-level managers of large companies: Jerôme Stubler CEO of Equans, Sébastien Fraisse CEO of Indigo, Laurent Trevisani Deputy CEO Financial Strategy of SNCF




An online Masterclass by leading academic experts on the concept of ‘inclusive infrastructure’.


Laszlo Andor
Former European Commissioner for Labor, Inclusion and Social Rights

Zoi Christoforou
Associate Professor at the University of Patras in Greece, Senior Lecturer at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and responsible for transport modules at the Ecole Polytechnique

Sadie Morgan
English designer, founder of dRMM, chair of the Independent Design Panel for High Speed Two (HS2) and a board member of both the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) UK and the Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission

Videos 2024 theme : Inclusive infrastructures

Speech on inequalities and infrastructure by Esther Duflo, nobel price 2019 in economics

InfraVision Think Tank Panel Discussion

Webinar #1 : Inclusive Infrastructure April 5th 2024

Podcasts on 2024 theme : Inclusive infrastructures

Podcast : Inclusive Infrastructure: focus on cities

Podcast : The Power of Inclusive Assets Operators

Podcast : The Importance of Inclusion in Infrastructure

Previous years researches

Leveraging on Vauban Infrastructure Partners & Altermind’s last four years of research


Circular Infrastructure

Explore the impact of the circular economy revolution on the infrastructure sector.

Social License to Operate

The principle of the “Social License to Operate” (SLO), or the understood social contract to operate.

Infrastructure For Climate

A thorough reflection about climate strategies for infrastructure.

The Era of Digital Infrastructure

The impact of the digital transition on infrastructures in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.

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