Podcast : Inclusive Infrastructure: focus on cities

In this third episode of our series we will be focusing on the role that cities can play in making infrastructure more inclusive which is the challenge of the day. It is evident that cities have this disparities more than anyone else in countries but also how cities design their infrastructure can make a huge […]

Podcast : The Power of Inclusive Assets Operators

In this episode we are going to look at how can infrastructure stay called as transition towards responsible business models to ensure inclusivity in infrastructure development. This episode is going to tackle how infrastructure investors and operators can ensure that infrastructure assets are accessible, inclusive, and equal for all users, how can we reconcile the […]

Podcast : The Importance of Inclusion in Infrastructure

This episode opens a new series of podcasts on inclusive infrastructure and how infrastructure operators can help create shared and sustainable value for all (leaving no one behind). From roads and bridges to water and sanitation networks, infrastructure serve as the backbone of society, encompassing the physical structures, facilities, and systems necessary to shape quality of […]

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