Circular Infrastructure Event – October 2023

Since its creation, Vauban Infrastructure Partners has sought to invest in essential public infrastructures that provide long-term sustainable solutions to local communities: clean water, efficient waste management, district energy systems, safe and lowcarbon transportation, fiber to the home, and a broad range of social infrastructure around education, health, justice and leisure. We believe that it […]

Worshop #1 – Introduction to circular economy and infrastructure (full replay)

Vauban Infrastructure Partners was pleased to host the first event of our annual study on circular economy, and its impact on the infrastructure sector. This study will address several key issues for Vauban: How can we design more circular infrastructures to face the challenges of our times? What levers (including innovation, regulation and new business […]

Climate change: How infrastructure stakeholders can make a difference

The video from Vauban Infrastructure Partners centers on a conference about climate change and the significant role that infrastructure stakeholders can play in combating it. The discussion begins by reflecting on the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the fragility of our environment and the necessity for resilient infrastructure. Key points addressed […]

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