Worshop #1 – Introduction to circular economy and infrastructure (full replay)

Vauban Infrastructure Partners was pleased to host the first event of our annual study on circular economy, and its impact on the infrastructure sector. This study will address several key issues for Vauban:

How can we design more circular infrastructures to face the challenges of our times?

What levers (including innovation, regulation and new business models) can be activated to enhance circular practices? How can cities adapt in a world of interconnected infrastructure?

What can the financial investment community role to promote circularity within the sector?

Led by the consultancy Altermind, which has a research-based approach to consulting, this study will combine academic expertise, business insights and regulators.

The session started with a Masterclass by Dr Janez Potocnik, former European Commissioner in charge of the first European package for the circular economy, and Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel at the United Nations, followed by a “deep dive” on the concept of “circular infrastructure” by Dr Philip Purnell, Professor at the University of Leeds and researcher at the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure.

More videos:

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