Podcast : Inclusive Infrastructure: focus on cities

In this third episode of our series we will be focusing on the role that cities can play in making infrastructure more inclusive which is the challenge of the day. It is evident that cities have this disparities more than anyone else in countries but also how cities design their infrastructure can make a huge difference. 

To help discuss what can be done to make infrastructure more inclusive in cities we have 3 experts as guests : Yves Lederer (CEO of Coriance), Harvey Hollins (Managing Direct of Hollins Consulting) and Severine Laugier (Social Innovation and new economic models for growth Project Director at SODEXO)

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00:0001:48Introduction by Matthew Bishop
01:4803:42How do you define inclusive infrastructure and how do you see today the relationship between the inequalities and the role that infrastructures play? Let’s start with you Harvey.
03:4204:52Yves, same question for you.
04:5206:36Severine, same question.
06:3609:04Are the cities really becoming the main nexus of social transition even if some inequalities that we are saying are far worse in cities than in rural areas? Harvey what is your approach of this ? Do you see this difference about the city and the non-city and what do you see as the biggest challenges public decision makers are wrestling with?
09:0411:10What are the practical choices that need to be made in this situation where your infrastructure was designed for different era both in terms of scale and tax that you need to maintain?
11:1012:59Yves, had you seen the role of Coriance in terms of building more inclusive cities and are there any kind of success stories on your efforts of significantly increasing access to energy and what have you learned from these experiences.
12:5913:56Do you find, because of your more integrated approach, you are also helping to shape other forms of infrastructure and getting alignment and collaboration with other infrastructure providers?
13:5616:34Severine, what do you think?
16:3420:35Harvey, could you expand a bit on what you did in Detroit to make the city more inclusive?
20:3522:45Yves, if you look the cities in your portfolio, is there one example that you are particularly proud of about how you’re part of a state-of-the-art, inclusive infrastructure nexus?
22:4526:14Severine, how does SEDEXO contributes to the development of inclusive urban environment?
26:1428:55If we take a step back, I wanted to ask you Harvey, you talked about Detroit, has that relied upon more stakeholder-centric approach to bring the different parties together or has that required innovation and governance and decision-making processes to make that more inclusive approach really work?
28:5531:38How about you Yves, how do you see the role of S in ESG and how is that driving companies to reach out to other stakeholders and maybe trade-off price maximization without the social outcomes?
31:3834:33Severine, at SODEXO you worked on implementing an inclusive recruitment strategy and have laid out commitment within a context of a social impact pledge. Can you expand all this a bit?
34:3338:04Harvey, reflecting on your experience on managing the water crisis, what have your learned about what we need to be doing to make sure the cities can continue to function in an equitable way ?
38:0439:13Yves, from your experience what do you think can be done to improve the process of urban planning and management so that cities can be more sustainable, inclusive and deal with crisis when they come ?
39:1341:47And Severine from your point of view how od you envision the future of urban food systems evolving and the infrastructures that is required to make sure we have equitable access to nutritious food ?
41:4744:28Yves, looking ahead, how does your company and its goals evolving in terms of next 5-10 years to expand and improve its services in cities particularly in a inclusive way ?
44:2846:26What are for you the top 2-3 things that need to be done to make sure cities become more inclusive in the next decade ? I start with you Severine.
46:2647:38Yves, how about you ?
47:3849:51Harvey, I leave the final words to you.
49:5150:42Conclusion by Matthew Bishop

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