Podcast : The Importance of Inclusion in Infrastructure

This episode opens a new series of podcasts on inclusive infrastructure and how infrastructure operators can help create shared and sustainable value for all (leaving no one behind).

From roads and bridges to water and sanitation networks, infrastructure serve as the backbone of society, encompassing the physical structures, facilities, and systems necessary to shape quality of life and foster socio-economic development. However, despite its crucial importance, disparities in infrastructure access and quality persist globally (between Northern and Southern countries) and within countries, exacerbating the exclusion of various vulnerable and/or marginalized groups.

In this podcast Matthew Bishop (The Economist U.S. Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief) interviews Xavier Girre (EDF Senior Executive VP responsible for Performance, Impact, Investments, and Finance), Sergio Oslé (COO of Telefonica in Spain), Antoine Picon (Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design), to discuss how can infrastructure operators integrate social and inclusive concerns into their core activities to create shared value for all.

Breakdown of this episode :

Beginning End Content 
00:00 2:00 Introduction by Matthew Bishop 
2:00 3:56 Antoine, what is the big picture on this question of inclusive infrastructure ? 
3:56 4:47 Why is it more on the politic and economic agenda lately ? 
4:47 6:51 Sergio, could you share to us your vision of this concept ? 
6:51 7:52 Is this concept the same in Spain and South America ? 
7:52 9:53 Xavier, how social impact relates to inclusion on your business ? 
9:53 11:45 Is it important to link social impact and finance performance together ? 
11:45 13:56 Sergio, what does social impact mean for Telefonica ? 
13:56 15:12 Xavier, you have a KPI which is called #Impact Score, can you talk about it ?  
15:12 16:12 Are the performance pretty similar across each of the three pillar you mentioned or are there interesting variations ?  
16:12 19:42 Antoine, could you explain us the role of infrastructure in the new social contract that you think is necessary ? 
19:42 20:35 What does it imply ? 
20:35 24:05 Sergio, what do you see as priority to make this “just transition” ? Don’t we focus too much on the green part of the transition and not the social part ? 
24:05 26:39 Xavier, how do we get the balance right between the social transition and the energy transition 
26:39 28:26 Antoine, what is the biggest challenge to deliver the social transition ? 
28:26 30:15 Sergio, what did you do to make Telefonica the world’s top ranked company in digital inclusion ? 
30:15 33:32 Xavier, what is the main thing that can be done to address the energy insecurity ? 
33:32 35:52 Antoine, how can we make cities “smart” and inclusive by design ? 
35:52 38:55 Sergio, how do we get inclusive infrastructure in places where that may be costly to deliver ? 
38:55 40:25 Xavier, how do you engage with the stakeholders around these questions at EDF ? 
40:25 42:51 Antoine, are artificial intelligence a help or a hinder In the provision of inclusive infrastructure ? 
42:51 43:23 Conclusion by Matthew Bishop 

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